The Journey of an Average ACLASITE – Vol. 1

(A Series meant to capture the Entirety of Tribulations, Challenges, Trials and Bliss of our Journey)


There is a big difference between the life that we live now and that which we lived a few years ago. At least, we do not have the ever intrusive eyes of our parents towering down over us like God. To some of us, this makes us incomplete; others see it as a chance to ever-endearing freedom. With this freedom comes a sense of belonging, regret, peace, joy, love, frustration and challenge. These dialectics precipitate an inclination in our lives. Every day, we make decisions that could either make or mar our future. Consciously or unconsciously, we carve a path for ourselves that we may live to relish or regret. This series sets to record some of the great and dismal moments; happy and sad experiences and successes and failures of our lives.

We left our home to school hoping to have the experience of our lives; but to some of us, our greatest surprise is that the journey of 4 years seems as tasking as that of 40,000 years. Our academics is one aspect that we love as much as we fear. We work even more at every chance we get hoping that we get a better result, but war after war, we come home defeated again and again. We remember our tireless effort at the hall reading rooms; that moment that you are just staring at your phone as it loads the web page for materials that you have to download; the confusion that sets in when you see more than fifty different materials for a single topic and then you are confused at which is right; that moment when you open the soft copy material and the first three sentences seem like Spanish to you, not English. Yet you read, not because you want to but because you have to.


What of those moments when you walk up more than 100 stairs (four storey building) just to find somewhere suitable to read? When you are up, you open the book for a few minutes and then your thought strays to something else. After two hours, you realise that you have just read only two pages of a 97 page material; you immediately become downcast, hoping that one miracle (like Krishna) would just help you download more pages into your head.

What of that moment when you are in class for a lecture and the lecturer begins a topic that you don’t just understand? Whether it’s because of the lecturing method, because of lack of background knowledge or maybe because it is not just interesting enough; you just cannot seem to grasp the message. Yet, some of your colleagues are just flowing with the course like they are speaking in tongues; asking questions that make the lecturer fidget, and making you look like the dumbest person in the world. You try to ask questions but your questions just don’t seem to make sense to you, let alone make sense to the whole class. And the next thing, the lecturer ends the class saying ‘ your test is next week, read up…’ or worst of all ‘ tear a sheet of paper and…’

What of another moment where you have a class at 8 a.m. because of that, you wake up almost at 6 a.m; you try as much as possible to get dressed, do chores, and eat because you know that you may not come back till evening. You leave your hall at 7:30 a.m. hoping to get to class early, but for lack of cabs, you end up running like Usain Bolt to make sure you arrive not more than 5 minutes past the stipulated time. Sweating like a Christmas goat, you go into class and then something unspeakable happens. The first statement from the lecturer goes thus ‘all of you do not know anything at all…! You all failed the last test woefully. Only about two people did what I asked you to do… somebody even scored zero out of ten…’

What of the dark moments at night, when you have to walk through the chill of the night to the library for TDB, because one lecturer did not finish his syllabus well or because he just introduced the topic and asked you to read up. When you get there, you open your book to read. Then you wake by 4:59 a.m. realising that you are on the same page you were on at 11:17 p.m. the previous day. The worst of all is that you don’t even know what happened all through the night. Whether you were drugged or it was the work of the devil, you cannot just say exactly. In a nut shell, you didn’t sleep comfortably, you didn’t read comfortably either; you just walk home like one of the zombies in ‘World War Z’.

These experiences are just a scratch on the surface of what ACLASites pass through every single session. Aside from academics, ACLASites face a lot in their social life as well. And as much as this article tries to portray the myriads of experiences, it just can’t. Next time, however, we will be exploring from another angle of The journey of an Average ACLASite. Till then, remain blessed!


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