Love Keeps Its Promises


Under the shadows of the dark clouds;

In the presence of opaque whirlwinds;

While Heaven’s tear drops fall in harsh torrents

And the earth closes her bowels –

Mother and child pinky swearing, Japan

I am a Child of Love:

I’ll fight,

Till I bleed,

But I’ll never run.

I’ll hold on,

Till I tire,

Yet, I’ll never let go.

I’ll watch,

Till my vision dims,

But I’ll never turn my back.

I’ll stay,

Till my feet fail,

Still, I’ll never walk away.

I’ll love,

Till I’m spent,

Yet, I’ll never stop loving.

Love is my name.

In the hazards of the night;

In the terrors of the day;

While fiery darts fly about

And all refuges choose to flee –

Love keeps its promises.

8:49am; Nov.10, ‘16

University of Ibadan.



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