Transcript Comes; Transcript Goes…

Transcript Goes, Transcript Comes, Knowledge remains intact


Our first semester was one rigorous time for us. We worked out our ‘asses’ to make sure we made ourselves and our families proud. We tried to make certain that we were not here as a static being and that we could improve beyond our wildest imaginations. We tried to prove to them that they had barricades in their red pens, but we had blue pens in our heads that could write its way through any restriction. Alas! We were disappointed. We decreased beyond our imaginations. So now we ask, what did we do wrong? How come we didn’t go up even though we tried? How come our transcripts are singing Dirges to us instead of Eulogies?

First of all, when I look at it closely again, we did not fail; we just did not pass in front of one man, not in front of the whole world. And when you look at the context in which we wrote our exams, we would not be so much perturbed by the score. We had just two weeks to write all courses. Some of us wrote two to three papers daily. Many of us had clashes here and there. Some even had to write two papers in stipulated period of time, so they had no choice but to split the time into halves for each courses. This is not to say that some people shouldn’t and didn’t still pass it well. There is no excuse for failure. But to tell the truth, the past semester’s examination just had so many issues that logical reasoning would have just not put us on the positively gaining side.


More so, we did courses that demanded more than just reading your books and passing. We were tested in more ways than just our brain capacity. If you doubt me ask the 200 Level students that did LIN 241, or the 100 Level students that did CLA 103 and CLA 106, or the 300 Level students that did CLA 302. We did not attend classes just for attendance sake, we attended them because we needed to learn and that was our ultimate goal. Despite complex and sophisticated languages of LIN 241, after the very much applied and head-aching questions of CLA 103, we still can boast a measure of knowledge that can make us better people. For those of us that did not gain anything in any course, no matter your 7-points, my dear, you are as good as a Carryover Student. But for your case, you don’t even have the opportunity to retake the course so as to acquire a little knowledge from it.

Well, maybe we are asking the right questions but in the wrong time because when you like at it closely, we did what we could and we got good results even though our scores show otherwise. Somebody once said that to judge a man by his score-book would be like judging a pen’s effectiveness by the colour of its ink. In reality, the only people that failed their first semester courses are those ones that see themselves as the same people they were five months ago.

However, this is a fresh ground for us to correct the mistakes of the past semester and maybe even start something new. Let us not engulf ourselves in the pain, regret and sorrow of the past semester, learn from it and work on the present to change the future. Whatever you didn’t do right last semester, do it better now. For some of us, we didn’t take God seriously, or we didn’t read enough, or we didn’t attend classes well, or we didn’t do assignments and group works at appropriate time. Whichever is yours, make adjustments. And if you think you did everything well last semester and it didn’t go as expected too, then maybe you should go to class with the idea of seeking for knowledge that will help you make an impact in this world and not for the score. Discover yourself! What works for others may not work for you. Once again, discover yourself! Have a wonderful second semester and stay away from too many dinners and extracurricular activities. God bless us with success this time around. Enjoy!

As the evening dawned on some of us, we began to fidget. We failed to remember that the morning sun would shine even brighter in us. – Zechir

Moses N. Richoffor studies Communication and Language Arts in the University of Ibadan.
He majors in Public Relations and Advertising.
A prolific writer and silent poet, he believes in the power of the Word to move mountains.

You may reach him through:
08189629362 (Whatsapp and Call)


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