Use the platform to your advantage- ACLAS President

By Pemi Okunade
Moses Richoffor – ACLAS President

The ACLAS President, Moses Richoffor has urged members of the department to take advantage of the ACLAS website to the development of both the department and themselves.
He said this at a meeting recently held with representatives from all the sub-groups in the department: the press, the Literary and Debating Society, the Creative Writers’ Guild and the newly-found “Budding Broadcasters’ Group”.
He emphasized that since the world is now digital and everything is online, the department should not lag behind. “Online platforms are the most widely used now and the department should use this opportunity to improve its online presence and to raise the awareness. People all over the world must know that something is going on in the Department of Communication and Language Arts”, he said.
He noted that those who would have access to post on the website for now will be representatives from the sub-groups but it will later be extended to members of the department.
He also added that a committee will be formed which will include two representatives from the sub-group, the President and it will be headed by the PRO of the department. The members of the committee will be trained in using the online platform.
The Aclas website was launched lastweek and it is already active.
A bye-election will be held nextweek at the Congress to elect a PRO and some other vacant executive positions.


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