Amidst all the welcome songs and chants budding politicians are showering on the newly admitted students of the university, and also to the stale students, the Students Representative council of the Student union has seen enough reason to show miss Aderoju Okunsanmi the door to her hard earned executive post in the student union- office of the Vice President; through an impeachment. The question that comes to the fore is that is the impeachment a deserved one or an unwarranted politics? Judging from a vox populi conducted sometimes last semester after the Students Union week, our result recorded more positive response, of which people were on the side that the week was the best ever. Albeit, as part of the SRC responsibility to look into the right spending of funds, the 6th assembly of SRC has been convinced beyond reasonable doubts (according to them) that the recently impeached vice-president has misappropriated the union funds; with special attachment being given to the funds given to the union by the Oyo state government (#800,000). The vice president has claimed that her impeachment has some political undertone, whereas the 6th assembly of Students’ Representative council believes that it is a deserved justice. Bearing in mind that the 6th assembly under the leadership of Rt. Hon Onifade Bello is believed to have been one of the best councils the union has been blessed with over the years; at least, some people have thought so.

Judging from several BCs that have been flying around social media, one could say that every party involved is trying really hard to save their name from the murky waters of political hullabaloo. This article is basically to provide grounds to ensure you make the right judgment on the impeachment of the vice president; a deserved justice or an unwarranted politics? Now here are the claims and my own argument on why I think her impeachment was both a deserved justice and a political show of power.

 The Vice president of the Union (impeached) claimed that the 800, 000 given to the union was for the union week. I can remember vividly during the rally for SU week, few hours after we got to the governor’s office, The SSG came out and after all his ‘fatherly’ welcome, he promised that the Oyo state government will give the union the mouth watering amount of 1 million naira, (800,000 was remitted though) in celebration of the week. It was explicit enough. However, the Legislative arm has seen reason that most Uites did not see to investigate the money Oyo state government gave the union while they neglect the other financial sponsorships that came during the celebration of the week. The question now is why the special interest in the money? The impeachment could have been more reasonable if the legislative arm deemed it fit to have investigated thoroughly on how she spent other incomes from other sponsors not excluding the OYSG sponsorship funds. Perhaps the Assembly felt the money shouldn’t have been spent on the union week. It’s a matter of urgency for the legislative arm of the union to come out and give a cogent reason on why they had to do special investigation on how the V.P spent the money. Perhaps if the Oyo state government had not declared how much they would give the union, or perhaps they had claimed to be broke as usual, Miss Aderoju would still be the union’s vice president. Whereas, she may have decided to siphon the money from other sponsors as well, we would never have known anything. True, money is the root of all evils; impeachment is the evil that has befallen our Vice president.
On the other hand, the legislative arm of the union has seen their action as the best for the union, having found Miss Aderoju guilty of misappropriation of the union funds. The impeachment could be justified with the following:
 The 6th Assembly claimed that the fund should have been collected by the treasurer, but the Vice President took the fore front to get the money from the “right” without remitting it into the union’s account. Well, the Vice president forgot that some constituted authorities were watching her actions closely.
 Another reason why the impeachment seems justified is that the Assembly has given an open room to review their actions only if she can produce the receipt of how the money was spent. That’s some kind of fair judgment to some people.
The impeachment of the students’ union Vice President has set UI politics on a political brouhaha as some people think the SRC went overboard with the disciplinary measures by impeaching the vice president, after she has given the union a befitting SU week, while some people think the Vice president is guilty of corruption, and negligence, hence, impeachment is very justified.
Also, every party that seem to be involved one way or the other, or perhaps people that are being dragged to the impeachment case is already churning out epistles, press release(s),interviews and all just to justify every bit of their actions and inactions. The rancor seem not to end anytime soon, hence, before we take sides on whether the impeachment is justified, or it is just a show of power and politics, let’s all take some chill pill and watch how the politics will play out.
To be continued….


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