EDITORIAL (First Publication) – A Step Forward…

The holidays have been over for a while and now that we have resumed, all of us, in our own way, have moved a step forward. Freshmen have moved a step forward from the secondary school or from various years of writing exams into the university, those who have been in the university have moved a level forward too. In spite of challenges you may face in this new level, make sure you keep moving forward.

Freshmen, welcome to the premier university, and most likely the Harvard of Nigeria. Apparently, you would have received more than enough welcome from different angles in the university. Well, we would like to join others that have welcomed you to this university, and most importantly your department. So here is it dear freshmen, we would not like to pamper you with the soft words that your journey in the university would be a smooth one. To be real with you, the business is a bit serious here, well you can make the seriousness fun at the same time; the ball lies in your “head” not your court this time around. There will be some annoying moments with your classmates, roommates, and sometimes your lecturers. We are happy to tell you that those are the signs that you are a step forward. You either continue working forward while dealing with the challenges it comes with logically, or you choose to be stagnant , or perhaps, take a step backward. It is all your choice. We advise you to choose the step forward though.

Dear Stale students, apparently, we are used to the system already. Any more welcome address will most likely tune us off; we have had enough since our freshmen days. We know how the system is, we know how our transcript may want us to live our lives by some quotes, we know how some assignments/ group works annoy us; we know what we have been through to get to this stage.  However, the good news is this session is a new phase in what we know, or might have experienced or experiencing as the case may be. A new phase to a tougher but interesting stage is what this session is offering us. We already know our lapses, our strong points and all other things that has put us to where we are today. Like a popular saying, work on your past to create a better today and sure your future will be the best. The future is what we are building right now, lets us define the structure we want to give our future. We know we can’t come this far to give our future a shabby structure. We are the architect of our future no doubt, so let’s architect it beautifully.

To the finalists, those who are already sniffing the exit gate of the premier university, your days are almost over in the university. In less than seven months from now, obviously without strike actions, the premier university would have found you worthy in learning and character. All that is needed from you is to give the first and the best institution your utmost attention, so that there will be no room for stories that touch the heart.  True time flies, but then we are still the pilot. Perhaps, your time have been flying you for a while now, here is the time for you to take the wheels.  Make use of the little time to create something iconic. Just like a musician said, the person that can’t take time should be able to create time. You have taken time to enjoy university freedom; this is the time to make time for excellence. Pursue it to the brim. Take time and step forward.

To the executives, we welcome you to our world. Welcome to the world of the watchdogs!  We know you have loads of promises for us, of which some you have already working towards; we say kudos for that. But remember the eagle eye of the press is watching from all angles. Remember, your name is about to be written in the sands of time or sands of shame. Take a step forward and write your name on your preferred sand. We wish you well.


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