UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN ALUMNI REUNION – 4th National Public Service Lecture

It is becoming difficult to run the university – Prof Emilolorun Aiyelari

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Emilolorun Aiyelari has said that it has become difficult to run the university due to shortage of funds.
He said this when he was delivering the Vice Chancellor’s address at the 4th National Public Service lecture of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association themed: Federalism and the legal Framework For Combating Corruption in Nigeria.

“UI monthly staff salary is 880 million. There was a deduction of 130 million naira. How are we supposed to pay the rest? It takes 36 million naira to run the university per month and it is becoming increasingly difficult. They ask us to keep finding ways of IGR but is that supposed to be a concern of a research institute?”

He thereafter thanked the guest speaker, Senator Ekweremadu for honouring the invitation.


Dealing with corruption is challenging, but not without hope- Senator Ekweremadu

Senator Ekweremadu, who delivered the 4th National Public Service Lecture of the University of Ibadan Alumni Association, has said that dealing with corruption in Nigeria is not impossible.
The lecture which was themed: “Federalism and the Legal Framework for Combating Corruption in Nigeria” focused on how the over-centralisation of anti-corruption efforts has impeded the fight against corruption.

“Dealing with corruption is not without hope in Nigeria. It may be a little difficult, but it is not without hope. In doing this, we have to decentralize the anti-corruption efforts because we have to situate it within the federal context of Nigeria. We have to establish state anti-corruption agencies and we should have EFCC and ICPC offices in all states and even local governments. The ones we have are grossly inadequate and are over-stretched”, he said.

He briefly discussed loss of values and morality and weak leadership systems as the factors that have made corruption a stronghold in the country.


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