By: Ezekiel Olaniyan 

The Students Union of the University of Ibadan has held it’s Congress on Saturday, 22nd April, 2017. The congress had little turn out of students but with the few present, major issues affecting the students were discussed. 

Among the issues raised was the development as regards the students’ identity cards. The resolution given to that effect was that the school management would be given a three day ultimatum to make an official release as to why the identity cards are delayed and that the cards have to be provided two weeks before examinations begin. 

Another issue related to that is the case of the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC). The President of the Student Union, Mr Ojo Oluwanifemi disclosed that a verdict letter was supposed to be released to back up SDC cases before any pronouncement is done but then no verdict letter has been released. The resolution to this effect was that a letter would be written to the management asking that the verdict must be released with 72hours and if it fails, other radical measures will be taken. 

The Congress also had the agenda of state of the union. This includes basically the welfare situation in the University community. This consists of water supply and electricity. Residents in Zik, Awo, Idia halls complained of how they fetch water from other places asides their halls which, according to them, is not convenient.

The review of amended constitution was disclosed to the congress. This review was that the office of the Speaker, General Secretary and President must be taken by students who are in their third or fourth year. The reason was based on the age factor of new intakes into the University community. 


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