Know Your Courses: FRESHMAN YEAR

CLA 101 – Introduction to the Study of Reading; 2 Units; Compulsory
An introductory study of Reading as Communication/Language Arts, with emphasis on linguistic and psycholinguistic approaches.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 101 – Intro to Reading

CLA 102 – Introduction to the Study of Writing; 2 Units; Compulsory
An introduction to those skills essential for effective writing. Theoretical instructions will be supplemented with ample exercises designed to improve the students’ writing competence in English.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 102 – Intro to Writing

CLA 103 – Fundamentals of Speech Communication; 2 Units; Compulsory
An interdisciplinary approach to the use of oral communication. The Structure of speech interaction in relation to participants, situation and communication functions, concept of speech as a skill basic to reading, writing and spelling.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 103 – Speech CommPublic Speaking Success; Dos and Taboos of Public Speaking; Say it like Obama; Public Speaking and Presentations; Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public SpeakingThe Art of Public Speaking

CLA 104 – Introduction Human Communication Systems; 2 Units; Required*
Emphasis is on the fundamentals of human communication and the four language arts skills.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 104 – Intro to Human Comm SysListening and Human Communication; Communication Theory; Pearson et al: Human Communication; Sherwyn et al: Human Communication; Extract: Principles of Human Communication; Explanation of JoHari’s Window; Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

CLA 105 – Basic Reporting Techniques; 3 Units; Required
An introduction to the study of the methods of news gathering and reporting for the mass media with a treatment of the news environment and components of the news story.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 105 – Basic Reporting Techniques

CLA 106 – Introduction to Broadcasting; 2 Units; Required*
Introductory studies of the peculiarities of the broadcast media, and the principles of broadcasting.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 106 – Intro to BroadcastingNOUN – Intro to Mass Comm (MAC 111)NOUN – History of Nigerian Mass Media (MAC 113); NOUN – African Comm Sys (MAC 115); Nigeria Broadcasting Code

CLA 107 – Introductory Photo Journalism; 2 Units; Elective
An introduction to news photography involving basic camera and darkroom techniques but with emphasis on the photo journalist’s sensitivity to people, events and circumstances, which enables him to take pictures that communicate.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 107 – Intro to Photo Journalism

CLA 108 – Graphics of Communication; 3 Units; Elective
An introduction to the principles and practice of visual presentation involving words and illustrations. Students will also be introduced to the rudiments of print media typography, layout and make-up. Essentially, the course is preparatory to later courses such as CLA 214, 307, 317 and 404. (Course Material Not Available Yet)