Know Your Courses: SOPHOMORE YEAR

CLA 201 – Reading for Academic Purposes; 2 Units; Compulsory
This course introduces students to advanced reading skills, with emphasis on the recognition of the syntactic, logical and rhetorical structures of a text, and the student’s ability to use these as guides in the course of studying.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 201 – Reading for Acad Purposes

CLA 203 – News Writing and Reporting; 2 Units; Required
This course continues the study, begun in CLA 105, of the nature of news as well as news gathering principles and techniques. It also deals with the elements of news writing for both the print and the broadcast media.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 203 – News Writing and ReportingDifferences in Media News Writing Techniques; News Writing and Reporting Guide

CLA 204 – Listening Comprehension Skills; 2 Units; Compulsory
This course is concerned with the study and practical development of listening comprehension skills. The correlates and strategies of effective listening comprehension in various practical situations will be discussed. There will be lots of practical exercises designed to develop listening comprehension skills and improve note taking at lectures on various topics.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 204 – Listening Comprehension SkillsActive Listening 1; Active Listening Skills 2; John A. Kline: Listening EffectivelyThe Art of Listening 1; The Art of Listening 2

CLA 206 – Principles and Practice of Marketing; 3 Units; Required*
This course is designed to introduce Marketing to students as a form of human communication. Emphasis will be placed on the concepts and strategies of the major marketing mix variables. Practical exercises will reinforce theoretical instruction.

Download Course Materials Here: Principles of MarketingKotler: Marketing ManagementConsumer Behavior Building Marketing StrategyEssential Laws for Marketers; Fashion Marketing; Internal Marketing

CLA 207 – Developmental Oral Communication Skills; 2 Units; Compulsory
An advanced course in Oral Language as a form of communication. Relevant theoretical instructions are followed by practical exercises designed to improve the mechanics of oral communication.

Download Course Materials Here: Demola Lewis: Oral Communication SkillsCLA 207 – Oral Communication SkillsHandbook of the International Phonetic Association

CLA 209 – Writing for General Academic Purposes; Compulsory
A discussion of various stylistic and other literary devices used in various forms of writing done in the course of academic development.

Download Course Materials Here: The Mechanics of WritingDescriptive Writing; Expository Writing; First Steps In Academic Writing

CLA 210 – Broadcast Presentation; 3 Units; Required*
This course in broadcast presentation deals with the art of speaking before the microphone and camera, as well as the role of non-verbal communication in presentation. Special attention will be given to the presentation of programme types such as news, interviewing, children’s programmes and sports, etc. Practical exposure in presentation will be emphasized.

Download Course Material Here: CLA 210 – Broadcast Presentation

CLA 211 – Principles of Public Relations; 2 Units; Required*
This course provides an understanding of the basic concepts and theories underlying public relations practice. It examines the role that public relations plays in the society, such as in business and industry, government and health care services, media houses and voluntary organisations.

Download Course Materials Here: PR Handbook; Encyclopedia of PR; Primer of Public Relations; Qualitative Research Methods in PR; PR Cases; Brain Washing; Gaining Influence in PR; Putting the Public Back in PR; Creativity in PR; PR Handbook; Planning and Managing PR Campaigns; Effective Personal Communication Skills for PR; PR Strategies; PR: Practical Guide to the Basics; Effective Writing Skills for PR; Public Relations for Dummies

CLA 212 – Principles of Advertising; 2 Units; Required*
This is an introductory course on the roles and processes of advertising. Emphasis is placed on planning the advertising message as a paid form of non-personal communication about an organisation and/or its products.

Download Course Materials Here: Advertising and Promotion Integrated; Advertising for Dummies; Advertising Promotion and IMCAdvertising Campaigns – Start to Finish The Advertising Handbook; Advertising in America; The Modern History of Advertising; Glossary of Advertising Terms

CLA 215 – Sociology of Communication; 2 Units; Required
A study of the ways in which sociological units such as groups and societies in their various forms and with their various patterns of interaction affect communication.

Download Course Materials Here: CLA 215 – Sociology of CommunicationEthnography of Communication