Past Questions and Additional Study Aids


CLA 304 Exam Jan 2011

CLA 303 Exam Jan 2011

CLA 301 Exam July 2012

CLA 302 Exam Jan 2012

CLA 302 Exam Nov 2012


Communication Models

Writing Skills

Essay Writing

Formal and Informal Channels of Communication

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Ethnography of Communication

Types of Microphones

Communication Models

Reading as a Process

The Ethnography of Communication

The Ethnography of Communication 2

Communication Theories

Reading Theories

The Writing Process

The Process of Writing

Writing Process 2


Communication Types


Persuasion Principles


Code Switching

Intro to Sociolinguistics

LIN 272 – Intro to Sociolinguistics


NOUN: JLS 712 – Press Law and Ethics


Oyekan – Yoruba Proverbs


10 Tips for Business Writing

Business Journalism

How to Write Great Feature Release

How to Write Better Business Stories


An America Story – The Speeches of Barack Obama


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The International Phonetics Alphabet Chart

IPA Chart

IPA Chart