The ACLAS Literary and Debating Society

All great men who have conquered and ruled the world – Julius Ceaser, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Barrack Obama and so on – had one thing in common:

They were Orators!

The ACLAS Literary and Debating Society is that distinct brotherhood of people who love everything about words – the sound, meaning, use and power – and possess the passion to explore the limitless depths of the raw energy of words.

Founded primarily to represent the Department in Oratory Contests, the ACLAS L&D as fondly called now performs the functions of organizing and hosting Debates and Oratory Contests, performing spoken word poems and training young, up-and-coming speakers in the Art of Public Speaking.

So, if you have passion for standing before multitudes to speak; if you love to express your thoughts to a world that might be too busy to observe them; if you want to move hearts and establishments with the auditory stings of the tongue – then ACLAS L&D is the place for you to be.

Membership Application is open for all members of the Association.

Interested individuals may apply at any time of the Academic Session.

To speak to an official of the Society, you may call the following number(s):