The ACLAS Press

The ACLAS Press is the press arm of the Association of Communication and Language Arts Students.

Almost as old as the Association itself, the Press Club was established for the following reasons among others:

To satisfy the information-thirst of the members of the Association.

To provide a realistic forum through which the theoretical backgrounds of the Department’s broadcast courses can be practicalised.

To help the press members develop their writing and observation skills.

With a professional and managerial frame-work like that of real press houses, ACLAS Press offers you the opportunity to have a glimpse into the world of print journalism and its intricacies.

Apart from her major roles of news gathering, selection and publishing, the press also features articles from all spheres of human engagement – politics, research, fashion, entertainment, sports, religion, health, art and so on. This gives her members ample chance to develop themselves in these areas.

The press also entertains relevantly intellectual articles from non-members and freelance writers.

The Recruitment of Members is conducted once in a session. Requirement for membership is simply Active Membership of Association. Membership Applicants will then be made to pass through a series of interviews and screening sessions before their applications are confirmed.

To know more about ACLAS Press and to join, kindly contact the officials of the press club through: