The Creative Writers’ Guild


The Creative Writers’ Guild is a writers’ club that was founded by some visionary-students of the Department of Communication and Language Arts to cater for the “Belonging Needs” of writers in the Association.

Whether we like to believe it or not, true creative writers sometime feel alone, even in the midst of crowds. This happens because other people, albeit normal in the way they see the world, tend to misunderstand writers. A creative writer’s imaginations could be powerful to such extent that only the individual (the creator) understands it, apart from kindred spirits (creative writers) like him/herself.

Precisely based in CLA for now, the Creative Writers’ Guild was created to help creative writers from all spheres of life, irrespective of their nationality, tribe, class and status, find, mix and interact with other kindred spirits like themselves. Kindred spirits, as in, writers like themselves with the same need to interact with others of like passions and interests.

Having evolved overtime to be a form of literary family, the family members write and show their intellectual works to the rest of the literary family who in turn critic these works constructively, making sure to not only point out the mistakes in a work, but also to encourage/praise the writer(s) and offer advice on improvement.

The Vision is to have members from all walks of life, in order to fulfill our utmost goal of reawakening the desires for raw creativity in people.

Membership Application is always Free, though with intensive screening.

The requirements to join are simply the applicant’s notification of interest, accompanied by an application letter and a sample of any creative work written by the applicant.

Interested individuals can apply at any time of the session.

You may contact the Guild Officials on:

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